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A Visit from Santa Jon

Every December, Jon decks himself out in the traditional red and white to become Santa Jon!  With years of experience in the theater and in the suit, he's an excellent option both for corporate holiday events and for home Christmas parties.  

And yes, the beard is real!

Services from Santa

  • Santa Jon is happy to pose for photos with your attendees.  

  • He can hand out gifts that the host provides - either full presents for the little ones or little handouts like candy canes or tokens.  

  • Santa Jon is a trained singer and will happily lead your group in traditional Christmas carols - either secular or religious, at your choice.

  • Santa Jon also has a selection of Christmas stories he can read to your children: everything from How the Grinch Stole Christmas to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and more!  Contact me for details.

Calls with Kris Kringle

Want to make the Christmas magic even more real for the children?  Arrange for a phone call from Santa before or after your event!  Santa Jon will take some information from you, then schedule a time to call the phone number you provide to chat with the children, make sure they're being Nice, and see if there are any special requests before Christmas!  Contact Santa Jon if you're interested in more details!

Find Santa

Is Santa busy during your party?  Could you bring your little ones to a public event to meet him?  Check this calendar to find out!  Any event marked "Public" is open to the general public.  Please note that events are hosted by other organizations and that fees or costs might apply.

Book Santa Jon

If you're interested in bringing Santa Jon in to make your holiday incredible, check out the Contact Me page.  Make sure you book early, because time fills up fast and the Holidays are coming quickly!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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