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A picture of Jon dressed as a pirate, with a black tricorn hat, a gold vest, a green frock coat, a long red sash around his waist, and cuffed boots.

Avast, me hearties!!


That means stop what ye be doin' an' listen close.  I be Jolly Jon Twist, cap'n o' the Good Ship Scallywag!  I be searchin' the seven seas for a scurvy pirate crew, an'...

...And the pirate speak is going to get old fast, isn't it?

If you want to make your party extra special, book me for a Pirate Party.  A selection of pirate-themed games and activities, supplemented with special pirate balloon twisting, will make the children stand up and shout "Arrrr!"

See if your swashbuckling crew can find the fabled treasure, or if they'll end up walking the plank!

What do we do aboardships?

What manner of activities can Jolly Jon provide for your party?

  • Pirate games:  Keep your ship in ship-shape.  Follow a treasure map.  Fight off other covetous pirate ships & crews.  All overseen by Cap'n Jolly Jon!

  • Buccaneer balloons: Parrots!  Swords!  Sashes!  Hats!  Monkeys!  Cap'n Jolly
    Jon will make all these and more.

  • Buried Treasure: Can your crew find the hidden treasure and walk home with the prize?  Book Jolly Jon to find out!

Bookin' Jolly Jon


To hire on Jolly Jon Twist to be privateer at your event, check out the Contact Me page.  I'll be glad to parley with you to make your party great.  Make sure you book early, since weekends fill up fast!

Yo-ho, me hearties!

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