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A photo of a balloon twister, smiling, surrounded by balloon creations.

Jon Pessin, Licensed Goof-Off is the Libertyville, IL Balloon twister you deserve *and* the balloonatic you need.

Libertyville & Northern Illinois balloon twister & party entertainer.

Party entertainment - with a twist!


Jon Pessin is a clever, creative character who's completely content to create a collection of custom creatures and a bunch of balloon beasts for your celebratory convocation!


Performing all around the Northern Illinois area, Jon Pessin makes balloons, runs games, and entertains children ages 3+ with a friendly, goofy persona that's perfect for any event from business openings to birthday parties, company picnics to school assemblies. With reasonable rates and discounts available, Jon is the perfect performer for your party.  

What can Jon do for my party?

Balloon twisting

This is my bread and butter.  I will attend your event and roam the location, twisting balloons for children (or grown-ups, if they ask nicely).  Traditionally I limit my twists to one or two balloons per child, though VIPs like the birthday child or the winners of party games (below) will warrant special treatment.  


If requested I can waive this limit and just keep twisting as long as the kids ask - there might be a small surcharge added to my fee to cover the increased supply costs, but not much. 

Party Games

What kind of licensed goof-off would I be if I didn't know any games?  I'll put together a selection of party games based on the ages of the children involved, then run them for you.  I'll even provide any necessary supplies or equipment!


In order to run games for you, I'll need to know whether the event will be taking place indoors or outdoors, the amount of time you'll want to spend on games, and the anticipated number and age range of attendees.  I'll present a list of games to you before the party for approval.


I love stories and adventures, and I'd love to share some of my favorites with your children.  I've got a library of books to read, from old favorites like Dr. Seuss to modern classics you might never have heard of before. 

Does your child have a favorite story?  Let me know!  I'd love to bring it to life for him in a brand new way.  

Yes, I do the voices!


Do you have more party planned than one Goof-Off can cover?  Am I already booked on the day of your event?  Not a problem!  

I have a number of contacts and colleagues who can assist with your event - anything from magicians and face painters to additional balloon twisters.  I'm happy to give you the contact information for any of my colleagues, or to call them myself and simply attach their bill to my own - whichever you choose.


Book Jon Now!


If you'd like to bring Jon in for your next party or event, click over to the "Contact Me" page.  I'll be happy to offer a quote for whatever services you'd like!

Or see my other pages for information on Pirate Parties or Santa Claus visits!

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